C’est la Vie

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This is the ordinariness  of life:

Being born, having a name, a father, a mother

Feeding, excreting, love

Loss, loss of status, attention

Being alone.


Childhood, adolescence, occupying a body

Falling out of love with self, love

Household, enterprise, submission

Struggle, victory, wishing for defeat

Loss, grief, disappearance.


In all this, what, then, is death?

A way, a continuum, a warp, an interstice?

A breathlessness, a conversation stopped,

A falling off, a falling away

An emptiness,  a blank space.


This is the ordinariness of days

Study, joy, being with children

Buying, selling, love, good deeds

The evil in you, the evil in us

At night calling a name.


Finding/ not finding the other

Whose otherness absorbs our own

In erotic allusion or work

And things out of the ordinary

Being alone.


It may not be much

But a day we remember a dead friend

Is not completely lost ( a gesture

A word) better not to snub

An ordinary ghost.

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About abecasper

Abe Casper is a South African author, poet, lecturer and translator. 1970-74: B.A. U.C.T. Majored in English and Philosophy. Abe is bilingual in English, French also speaks and writes Italian and lives in Cape Town. Read more on http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member128497.htm
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