Love Lost

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I wish I had a BMW

For every time you turned away

And a diamond ring

For every time you said no

And a million dollars

For every time in bed

Your mind left your body beached.


At least I’d be rich

Being rich softens grief

Luxury takes the sting out of lies

And sex is there for ready money.


I could say I’ve loved too much

But that’s no excuse

All agree love dies, either slowly

Or suddenly, you’ve got to be

Stoic, till the next time.


So here I am

Out on a limb, my love

Waves breaking against an empty cliff,

Irrigation of stony soil

Hands grasping desperately at air.


Like that woman painted

Bt Friedrich, you are seen from behind

(The adorable line of your neck

I sometimes kissed) sadness fills the

Unseen room, I shut the door.

Abe Casper 2011

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About abecasper

Abe Casper is a South African author, poet, lecturer and translator. 1970-74: B.A. U.C.T. Majored in English and Philosophy. Abe is bilingual in English, French also speaks and writes Italian and lives in Cape Town. Read more on
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